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With greytHR, track all employee life cycle activities, simplify HR work, and get deep insights with zero effort.

Capture all employee data

greytHR has everything you need

Manage lifecycle activities

Collect and update KYE information

Paperless onboarding process

Integrated document management

Ensure new hire compliance

Use readymade HR MIS reports

Publish company policies

Manage employee communication

Why move to greytHR?

The greytHR platform automates HR management processes & empowers employee self-service. Get all-around productivity and engaged employees - the crucial ingredients for growth.

Core HR - Where Everything Begins

Capture all necessary employee information ranging from personal to work details at a centralized location.

A Pleasant Onboarding Experience

Switch to a streamlined online process instead of dealing with piles of paperwork. Employees can now self onboard themselves with minimum HR intervention.

Employee Communication, Reminders and Alerts

Quickly send out a memo or a bulk email to selected or all employees. You can publish or send a mass email to targeted employee(s). Also, maintain complete communication history.

Employee Document Management

Store digital or scanned copies of employees' documents access all issued letters and documents, upload documents in bulk, scan all uploaded documents for security, and file all generated letters automatically.

What do businesses love most about greytHR?

Srinivas Rao, Director & India Country Head

"After joining hands with greytHR, technology has never been an issue for us. We have seen a manifold increase in productivity. The product is user-friendly and easy to use."

Venkatesh Krishnan, Managing Director & CEO

“When we head out for sales with greytHR as our technological support, there is recognition in the market and the transition becomes easier.”

Chhavi Saxena, HR Manager

“Cuelearn had to hire close to 200 people. Without a tool like greytHR, scaling up and streamlining processes would’ve been extremely difficult!”

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